I got called "Sambo", "Sheep," "Poodle" and "Frizzball" on a regular basis when I was in elementary school and junior high school. I too was a kid during the sixties, when super-straight hair was popular. So I remember the big rollers and the flip.

My mother, who has fine hair with a little bit of wave, used to curse when combing my hair out. She always told me "your hair looks so messy -- don't you ever comb it?" even if I'd just combed it five minutes earlier! Little did we know that the constant combing and brushing was what was making my hair look so messy and frizzy! Now, she complains that I use gel in my hair; that it looks "hard." Well, I have to use gel, or it'll be a huge mass of frizz! Can't win with some people. Other people compliment me on my curls, and her idea of being helpful is to suggest, "That girl who straightened your hair a few years back did such a nice job, why don't you go back to her?" Because my hair was damaged and breaking off, maybe? And because having my hair straight seems kinda flat and dull to me now?