Loved the Dresden Files, I was so upset how he ended the last one, nooooo don't let it end!!!!

Twilight Series was a bore, only read the first 2

J.R. Ward Black Dagger Series Hot Hot Hot

Laurell Hamilton Anita Blake series love! I have to finish them, so sue me I like gratuitous sex in my books but she is still kick a$$
4a/3c,fine/med strands,med density,low porosity
shampoo:nature gate daily cleansing shampoo
cowash: hello hydration,ltr, suave natural coconut
moisturizer: hawaiian silk 14-n-1,wave nouveau daily
leave-in: he ltr
dc: wdt, nexus humectress deep hydrating treatment
stylers:ECO styler, CHS Curl Keeper
sealants: shea butter,coconut oil, castor oil, jojoba oil