Hi. I don't always diffuse, but I love the volume I get when I do. I've been using the Sedusa diffuser for about 2 mos now, and, I know others don't seem to like it, but I absolutely love it! I have been using all Jessicurl products, *plunk* hair the way she describes on her videos, then diffuse after I get dressed, etc. I can fit all my hair (and I have alot)into the bowl, and diffuse upside down w/medium heat until it starts to dry. Low heat does nothing for me. My hair stays wet forever even after using a dryer. Then I just sort of do the same thing on each side more to dry the area close to the roots. My hair is still damp, maybe 75% dry by the time I have to stop to get the kids up and leave for work, but this seems to give me the springiest, smoothest curls I've had in a long time. When my hair is fully dry(at work) I flip my head and scrunch a little, sometimes with some JC hair softening oil. The Sedusa was well worth the $$$ for me, and that's saying alot (and my hair, which gets caught on anything and everything, doesn't tangle in the coils at all!)
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thanks for the update on the Sedusa. I've been wondering how the folks that bought these like it.

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