Jumping in here! Justajesuschick..my hair is a lot like yours. Doesn't really like moisture. Recoil made my hair really soft (nice) but wasn't good for my waves at all. Mop c was great for a week, then I really felt that it was coating my hair and I took it back.

Now I'm in a major dilema again. I bought CJ strengthening condish which major broke me out (allergic to jojoba) and the CJCCL which I also think is just too heavy!

ANY suggestions for something that will give my curls a boost? I can't even use magnesium sulfate because it breaks my skin out!!!!!!!! help!

I'm going to go learn how to use the swap board to see if any of you guys are interested in the strengthening condish and the cjccl...

Justajesuschick...did you try the cottonseed yet?