I cover my hair with a microfibre towel (not plopping) for about 10 mins, just to blot, then loosen the curls from my head a bit (quick shake or just pull them), leave it to air dry as long as possible - an hour minimum, then diffuse. I don't let the diffuser bowl touch my hair, just hold it a few inches away and kind of sqeeze my curls by hand. This gets rid of any crunch I may have and gets the curls to stop looking stringy. If I air dry and leave it it still looks wet and stringy even though it's dry, if I diffuse first then leave it to dry the rest of the way, I get too much volume, too much frizz and no definition. I probably diffuse less than 5 mins and do it on low heat/speed, which with my dryer is pretty warm as it only has 2 settings. Hope that makes sense!