Definitely. I used to read a lot of bell hooks when I was in high school. The pic above is a piece I did dedicated to the baddest bad girl of the 70s (IMO).. Prof. Angela Davis.
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Your artwork is gorgeous! Didn't know you were an artist. Big fan of both Angela Davis and bell hooks. Really like Alice Walker too ... never could get myself to switch from feminist to womanist although I am sure it's not a big deal in the grand scheme of things.

My intellectual inspiration now comes from these two: Rachel Moran and Richard Delgado.

Must say I have always been really intrigued by chicana feminism. Love Chela Sandoval Really appreciate her concept of de-colonial feminism.

Also will always be touched by Gloria Anzaldua. Really appreciate the depth of emotion and originality in her work as well as her fierce yet quiet commitment to her own voice. Her concept of mestiza consciousness speaks to me very deeply.