BRIO--thanks for letting me know about the movie at the Jessicurl site. it was a really good demo!

so, i've been experimenting with my finger diffuser. the other day i diffused my hair as soon as i was finished applying all of the products. it took about 15-20 minutes to get it only about 75% dry, but there was absolutely NO FRIZZ whatsoever! the curls were really defined and very springy instead of poofy. today i decided to try applying my products and waiting about thirty minutes before i started diffusing for about ten minutes to get it almost completely dry. i found that there was a lot more frizz on the canopy of my hair when i did it this way. hhmmm...

also i have another question: is it bad for your hair if you diffuse it every day (or i guess just every time you wash your hair)? will it eventually lead to a lot of damage from the constant heat, just like can happen if you use a straightener everday? i just don't want my hair to eventually start looking fried. those of you who have been diffusing for a while now...have you been noticing any damage?