Wow! I just read this entire thread!!! Haha my hair tends to be schizophrenic (sp??) too! I still don't really know my hair type because it changes every day! I THINK I'm 2B/3Aish with 3B at the crown. I *always* get perfect corkscrews right there, no matter what the rest of my hair looks like. I tried doing my hair today by just leaving in some suave lavander condish and letting air dry. The front is 3Aish, the sides and underneath is wavy (some places bordering 3A) and the crown has corkscrews, as usual. It's kind of like the girl in the Yanai ad to the left (combine the before and after pics and that's my hair! I would LOVE to keep my hair like this, because I'm really happy with the curl pattern, but it's FRIZZY. Not a ton of frizz, but just enough to be annoying and look weird.

I can't wait to order Jessicurl!!! (I have to use up all my other products first, plus I entered the naming contest so I want to wait to see if I won--yeah right-- because then I'd have a gift certificate and wouldn't have to pay!) I'm really hoping that Jess's products will be my HGs.
Hair type: 3