I don't get razor bumps from mine, I get ingrown hairs sometimes, well not like bumps but hair under the skin...that doesn't form into a bump..is that still an ingrown hair? Anywho

I'm too lazy to find mine to tell you the brand, okay I see it from where I'm sitting....

It's by remington and it was like 40 dollars. It gets the job done.

Pain..It hurts my armpits a lot...but tickles after a while... but it tickles my legs, but my leg hairs grow really raggedy like I get one hair here, and then another like 6 inches away, ya know? so I find it pointless for my legs, but that being said I pluck the hairs on my knees alot for fun, so ..I'm not a good candidate for telling you about the pain of having your hair pulled out, since I do it out of enjoyment.