I'm so hairy that I'm considering getting laser hair removal. I usually shave but I haven't been doing it that often. It irritates my skin. I prefer to not be in pain or extended amounts of time or inflict pain on myself, which is why I don't wax. I don't pluck unless its absolutely necessary (my eyebrows only and they can get out of control) and even then I stop within minutes because my eyes start to water because I can't take the pain. I've been avoiding threading for my eyebrows because it hurts so bad but it's been 3.5 months and I need them done.

From time to time, I'll use depilatory cream to remove some facial hair. I don't like to but I do it. The bad things about the creams are that they can burn if you're not careful and if you don't leave it on for long enough it won't remove enough hair (or any at all).

geez i sound like a beast
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