unique, I am thinking a little about getting some PM Instant Moisture shampoo and conditioner -- what was it about the conditioner that just made it ok? What did you like/not like about it?
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The conditioner gave me lots of moisture and frizz reduction, but my hair just felt plastic-y when i used it, like there was a coating of something over my hair. Something that i noticed however, was that when I used it as a leave in for my hair before i straightened it (first time in about 2 months) the feeling completely went away. Once I was finished straightening, my hair looked and felt luxuriously silky and I couldnt stop playing with it! The condish is probably going to be a straightening product only for me.
Over all I think that its something worth trying, because if you dont mind a producty feeling its a great condish. and who knows? You might not even get the same feeling I did.

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