I'm in the same boat as Coco T...I want laser!! The only problem is that as a dark skinned woman, I have to go to a dermatologist rather than a medispa to get it done, which like triples the dayum price. So instead of $100-150 per session (every 4-6 weeks) I'm looking at like $300-500 per session. *sigh*

I shave my legs and under arms and I nair my "other" areas and face. I tried plucking but the ingrown hairs on my chin were the WORST and waxing left ingrowns on my chin also. I do wax the other areas from time to time, but I kinda perfer the nair because of the expense. The trick I found to using the nair is that I cover the area that I'm removing the hair from with vaseoline...a thick layer of vaseoline and then apply the nair. I haven't had a problem with buring since I learned that from a friend. I can leave that stuff on for 15-20 minutes and not have it burn and be smooth as a baby's bottom. I usually apply prior to my shower and then let it sit for about 10 min while I do other stuff, hop in and rinse off and shower as normal. After my shower I apply some shea butter or coco butter to the area to sooth it and I'm good for weeks at a time and no ingrown hairs.

I have thought about using an epilator, but I'm afraid that its going to be just as bad a plucking as far as ingrowns so I havn't explored that option just yet.
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I'm gonna try this!
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