I went to Big Lots today to search for the Back to Basics Peach conditioner. Sadly, they had seven other kinds of Back to Basics conditioner, but not peach. Has anyone had good luck with any of the other types, and are any CG friendly?

Also, they had some Back to basics styling products for a dollar fifty each-can't pass that up! Has anyone tried Sunflower Tournesol Creme Mousse-"styling foam for conditioned body, textuer and shine" It does have dimethicone, but it's WAY down on the ingredient list.

I also bought Green Tea Volume Infussing Spray foam "spray on styler for volume, texture and lift." It has shea butter, green tea and ginko. This also has dimethicone way down on the list.

I"m going to try them tomorrow-if I love them, I"m heading back to Big Lots for more.