Ok yall are brave I could never wax myself, hell sometimes I want to beat the woman who is waxing me lol.

Then I tried my girlfriends Braun Silk Epil for real it was like slow torture...on the up side it did give a nice shave but man it hurt like a bit@# maybe I am just a baby.

Anyway I shave and my ex actually taught me I was doing it wrong. He gave me some tips and I have to say I no longer get ingrown hairs and I stopped destroying my skin. So here are the the three things I learned number one women's razor suck I use mens, the Mach3 is awesome and thy always have a sale and a coupon (about $9 for 5). Second shave the way the hair grows so for most ladies you should shave your legs going down not up. Third use a thin layer of oil and then a good shaving cream. When you apply a thin layer of oil (I use coconut) it makes the razor slide better thus no bruising the skin and get a good quality shaving cream again men's stuff is superior to women I actually use this stuff from crab tree and evelyn, Nomad I think ($14). It is a really good shave and the best thing is there is no pain.

Hair Type: 3c/4a/4b, fine, normal porosity