What an amazing transformation! You have such gorgeous curls that I want to beat you for getting the thermal in the first place.
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You know what's so funny. I didn't know how curly my hair was. I spent the majority of my life thinking that I had to brush my hair. Everybody brushes their hair, right? I never thought I could grow my hair long because every time I tried, it looked so bushy. In order to manage my hair, I kept it short and layered (aka "feathered;" it was the 80's) and blow dried it each day. I should find an old pic of me. I never had hair long enough for a pony tail.

When the opportunity came to get my hair thermally straightened, I jumped at it. I grew my hair out for two years that way.

So long story short, I didn't have "gorgeous curls" when I got it straightened. At least I didn't know I had them.

And what's really cool is that as your hair gets curlier, you look younger, healthier, and happier. Curls really suit you!
Well, to be fair, I had trouble finding pics of me with straight hair and the ones I found were not the most flattering. To be honest, I loved my hair straight. Even so, I don't think I will ever go back.

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