Now this is encouraging for a newbie! I am still learning. I am experimenting with products right now. Have used Deva, Jessicurl and HE Twisted so far.

What products do you use? Do you air dry or diffuse? I must diffuse or my hair will never dry, but I am having problems getting my bangs to stay out of my face.

Haven't figured out what hair length suits me, so this post was of interest to check out.
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I appreciate the "WOW". <smile>

I posted above about products.

I diffuse almost every day, probably to about 80% dry. I don't like going out in public with wet hair.

good luck on keeping your bangs out of your face. I have a couple of curls that insist on hanging in my face most of the time. Bobby pins can help.

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my Fotki hair journey/experiment diary PW is brio (and I really need to update it!)

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