No, I would say I am fortunate that I learned at a young age to accept people for what they are and not call them "stupid" when there could be other issues going on. Poverty, homelessness, language barriers and cultural differences all contribute to what elitists call stupidity. Yes, elitists.
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I agree with you that there is a lot of ignorance and I don't blame people for that and not elitist about it at all (I grew up around many people like that including my own family and myself included). But there are many that even after given the information and best living conditions/opportunities are just dumb.
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This seems to be a big factor in it. I think that there is a certain amount of willful ignorance or a who-gives-a-***t attitude in the US. Knowledge about how other countries work can be dismissed as only for the elitists, because, you know, this is America, and we're the best, so who needs to know about other countries, or even where to find them on the map.

Learning about other religions or cultures gets dismissed as catering to a PC agenda.

Mentally calculating a 15% tip in one's head gets blown off because we can just whip out the calculator on the cell phone.

Jaywalking is funny, but it is still depressing that he doesn't have to go far to find such silly answers, if they aren't being faked.
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+1 billion.

why are we mad at the OP?

Did she call America dumb? Maybe I'm not picking up the insult as quick. Is she not American?