I'm not from Lebanon. I'm not from Dubai either. I'm from the UAE (United Arab Emirates). Dubai is only an emirate, a city, in the UAE. It does not have its seperate identity or citizenship.

If you think I'm a trollie or whatver that term is that posters here are obsessed with, just don't bother reading my threads. Also, don't bother replying or "supporting" me if you feel I don't deserve it. You really aren't forced to.

I'm not going to apologize if my thread offended anyone. I'm not sure why it did either. I asked if the video is real or fake. I said "Are SOME Americans really this stupid or is this a fake video." This means that either the video is fake, or the people in it are stupid. If I were you I wouldn't be offended that someone called the people in the video stupid. I would be embarrassed.

However, I do understand that Americans are considered to be stupid from people all over the world, so I should have articulated my question more clearly to explain that this is not what I meant. This is not what I meant. I do believe that there are many ignorant Americans out there. An American girl in my Japanese class thinks Dubai is in Europe. She doesn't know what Kuwait is. Which is funny because the US was involved in the Gulf War. Some Americans don't know how to pronounce "Iraq," the place their country has invaded. I'm sorry, I meant the your president himsled doesn't know the name of the country he has invaded.

I don't blame SOME OF THE ignorant Americans (here, I'm saying that some Americans are ignorant. Not all. Hope that is clear) for being that way. Americans don't need to rely on other countries. They don't need to get their weapons from other places. They have their own cars. They have their own machinery, their own equipments, their own technology. Their country is huge and they could live all their lives without having been to all areas of it. Their media is screwed so they don't really see anything that's true.

I felt the same way in Japan. I think the stereotype about Japan is that they're the smartest people on Earth. But they don't seem to know much about the outside world. They hardly know how to speak English, everything is just really Japanese, and most of them don't know what the UAE or Qatar or Bahrain is.

(A reply to the people who said that they're "sick of getting blamed for everything their country does")

But Japan didn't start a war in Iraq. They don't have problems with Palestine. They don't have have problems with Iran. They don't have problems with Lebanon. When they vote for their emperor/president, we don't worry about how we will be affected. Japanese people mind their own business. They don't interfere with us and try to change our lives. They leave us alone. So, I don't care how many people in Japan don't know what the UAE is. But yes, I do care that people in the US don't know what the UAE is. Those same people in the video are going to be voting for a president that decides if there's a war in my region.

Yes, there are stupid people all over the world. But they don't mean anything to me. They can be as stupid as they want, as long as they're only affecting themselves. But, some stupid people in America are self-righteously supporting wars and invasions on other coutries, and they have no idea what they're talking about.

I am in no way saying that what Osma Bin Ladin did was right, but if he simply hated any non-Muslims and wanted to convert them to Islam he would have went to other regions of the world. Fundemental Muslims believe that Christians and Jews are held in higher regard than other people who have different religions or no religions. Osama Bin Ladin could have started his bombings in Japan, if that's what he wanted to do. Most people in Japan are Buddhists or "religion-less." Ever wondered why he left those people alone? Probably because they were minding their own business.

Lots of Westerners criticize the Middle East for not having democracy. I've seen criticizm about how the UAE, for example, does not allow political parties or voting rights. But I'm glad it doesn't. The country would be in so much **** if it did. It would be like Lebanon, with people killing and bombing each other everyday. People in the region can't handle this type of democracy yet. We don't want it. I think a few years ago, Kuwait (where there's more democracy and people have voting rights on some issues) was considering having elections for presidency, but the majority of people didn't want it. They were afraid it would cause "tribal wars" or civil wars. Westerners don't know that-they say we should have democracy. They don't know anything about the region, yet they criticize it. I'd rather have no say in who my president is than have a bomb over my head everyday.

(Reply to the people who said that I'm only "targeting Americans as being stupid)
Also, I'm sure many times here before I've mentioned that I think Arabs and Muslims are stupid. I'm Muslim and Arab. But many Arabs and Muslims are stupid. I think Arab countries are the most ****ed up nations right now. We have so many resources, such as oil, yet we are unable to produce anything of value. Of course many people in those regions know English and Fench in addition to Arabic-we are not self-sufficient nations, we have to know other languages. We dont produce cars, we don't have good education most of the time, we import all types of technology because we don't have it, and the list goes on.

I think its important that people wake up to their own stupidities. I'm so sick of Arabs blaming Israel and America for all their failures and their terrible state. I'm also sick of Americans saying that there are other stupid people in the world, when they are the ones who are basically in charge of the world now. Superman or Spiderman or one of those cartoon characters said that with great power comes great responsibility. It's true. I don't want America to choose how other countries live, but I have no choice in that. So, I hope they can educate themselves enough before they go around making the world their puppets.

I'm sorry I don't word my sentences in a nice way, like calling an invasion a "war for peace."