Yeah definitely going to try some of these tips for shaving and waxing (when I get money). Can't bring myself to touching that Nair again though. I guess that's what relaxer burns feel like, lord have mercy.
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Acutally, that's exactly what made me think to use the vasoline. My friend actually triggered that thought process because she suggested I use baby oil as a "base" oh my woman bits before using the nair. I gave her a funny look and she was like " how u base your scalp for a perm". As Oprah would say, I had the "AH!" moment and I've been burn free ever since.

If you look at Nair, the main ingredient is LYE or a lye derivative. Then I remembered that when my beautician was perming my hair, she had to use vasoline on my scalp and the length of my hair to prevent over processing (that any my scalp has alwasy been extra sensative). A relaxer uses the lye to the point where the bonds in the hair break but it rinsed out before it over processes....but Nair actually " over processes" the hair down there to the point where it starts to dissolve.
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