There are stupid people everywhere. It doesn't matter the country as pointed out multiple times already by other posters. Obviously this county is the superpower, and superpowers don't become so because people can't answer trivia questions correctly. Which btw, some of those peoples answers were hilarious! I personaly loved the Kegistan question lol!!

God, I just can't wait for the day that maybe a Muslim or Arab country becomes a superpower. That way I can say that I want to invade America as my next plan, because they're just so annoying. Or something. And it would be so funny!


Oh! And maybe I'll know how to correctly spell and pronounce the name of that country that I'm invading.


I'm more worried about the individual person who basis their opinion about Americans over 1 stupid video on youtube. It's way more alarming to me that a person can hear 1 thing and take it as truth without having solid evidence supporting it.

So sorry-this is not the only video that shows stupid Americans. And no, its not only the videos that show this.