Ya, many people who are terrorists are also Muslims. At least I have the courage to admit it.

I also posted a long post about Arab and Muslims faults, yet you have ignored it. But I guess you just don't want to admit the truth so you'd rather attack me instead.

It's very ineteresting to see that someone with a teenage child (meaning you are probably older and have more experience than me) is LOLing about people wanting to start a war. Carry on with your indenial, you are right, this discussion is fruitless. I am ready to accept that the nation I've come from makes huge mistakes, but you are not.
Originally Posted by sarasara
Have you lost your mind? I'm laughing at the stupid peoples responses. You are way over the top drama.

If you don't like the fact that I'm more worried about people who use youtube to generalize billions of people, well you just have to get over that. If you think you can keep throwing insults at me in an attempt to bother me, put that on the get over list too. Nowhere have I mentioned anything about my opinion on wars. Seems you are a big time generalizers. So yes, sarasara, I worry about people exactly like you in this world. Those are the ones that I hope my kids and all those people around me can see right through and not get caught up in your hyper drama thoughts.

You are the one who started this thread. If you're gonna dish it you'd better be ready to take it. Which is apparent, you can't. Slam me all you want, your way to annoying for me to bother to care what you think or comment anymore.