But Japan didn't start a war in Iraq. They don't have problems with Palestine. They don't have have problems with Iran. They don't have problems with Lebanon. When they vote for their emperor/president, we don't worry about how we will be affected. Japanese people mind their own business. They don't interfere with us and try to change our lives. They leave us alone. So, I don't care how many people in Japan don't know what the UAE is. But yes, I do care that people in the US don't know what the UAE is. Those same people in the video are going to be voting for a president that decides if there's a war in my region.

Yes, there are stupid people all over the world. But they don't mean anything to me. They can be as stupid as they want, as long as they're only affecting themselves. But, some stupid people in America are self-righteously supporting wars and invasions on other coutries, and they have no idea what they're talking about.
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Exactly, and many of us are embarassed. And yes it totally matters when powerful people who make important decisions in the world are stupid and want to change the way other people live.

But many Arabs and Muslims are stupid. I think Arab countries are the most ****ed up nations right now. We have so many resources, such as oil, yet we are unable to produce anything of value.

I think its important that people wake up to their own stupidities. I'm so sick of Arabs blaming Israel and America for all their failures and their terrible state.
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Totally agree with this too.