I do ocm.. about every other night, my mixture is 60%castor to 40 Grapeseed.. grapeseed has yielded the best results out of all the carrier oils ive tried. The OCM is actually very responsible for keeping my skin clear because I have oily acne prone sensitive skin, I need a deep clean to remove oil and sebum but acne cleansers are too harsh and make it worse and most sensitive cleansers arent deep cleansing enough.

For your son, I wouldnt recommend going out and buying a buncha acne products, get either a medicated wash and gentle moisturizer or vice versa.. overkill on the acne meds can make his skin worse. Neutrogenas Oil Free acne line is the best, its gentle but works.. clearasil and oxy stuff like those are harshhhh!

If hes only getting a couple bumps id spot treat, Queen Helene Mint Julep Mask dries up bumps literally overnight.. if not it brings them to a head. Clean & Clear Persa Gel 10 is great also BUT must only be used as a spot treatment.

If your looking to use an oil in general..coconut oil is not a good one. Grapeseed is very light, but now I moisturize with EMU oil and absolutely love it.. it doesnt clog my pores at all and makes my skin really soft!