Finally, sarasara, are you still in Japan? I ask because this sort of inquiry/rant is not uncharactersitic when you're experiencing culture shock. Just saying this after reading some of your thoughts on Japan.

Yup, I'm still in Japan! I'm not sure I can say I'm still having a culture shock though (if culture shocks are only considered negative). Although I am going through a phase where I'm starting to see Japan as the most perfect place on Earth, that everyone here is an angel and that bad things just don't happen when Japanese people are involved. Obviously that's not completely true but right now in the midst of it all I believes it applies to Japan more than anywhere else I've been to. I might change my mind as I stay longer or I might never will, as I've seen some foreigners who have lived here for a very long time yet seem to be still in love with Japan in the same way.