empressi you are BRAVE!! I tried waxing myself once and was literally crying. I tried to nair the love below and burned my skin off. I was tryin to be sexy and ended up looking HORRIBLE!! chemical sores and gross patches of scabs Shaving always would leave razor burn not on my legs or underarms but on my lady love. I stopped shaving up and the razor burn and ingrowns stopped. on my legs I shave up but in that area I usually shave down unless its gonna be seen ( pool) Waxing is my fave. Its just too expensive. I might as well be sasquatchs mom when it comes to hair though I spend forever shaving.
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hahaha im not brave im cheap! but i loooooooove smooth skin! and im hairy!!!! and i hate shaving. oh my it itches like hell growing back and because my hair is so coarse i'd have to shave everyday, and with coarser curly hair you're more prone to ingrown hairs.

Bless those who actually wax themselves. I wouldn't have the nerve. I tried tweezing my eyebrows when I was younger, but I couldn't take the pain. I do that at the salon. I've gone back and forth between using Nair and shaving my pits and legs. I don't have a preference for either method.
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lol i tweeze my own eyebrows. to make it less painful you can take some motrin beforehand and get a hot washcloth and place it on your eyebrows for a few minutes before tweezing.

though i just dig right in and tweeze. im used to it.

good thing with waxing is the more you do it, the finer the hair grows back and the easier it gets.
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