Suave Coconut Condish
Giovanni Leave In
Sheamoisture Coconut/Hibiscus Smoothie (this was so promising at first! :'( )
Sheamoisture Hair Masque
lots of other products I can't remember at the moment. Why do I continue trying these things??!

ETA: oh gosh how could I forget the disaster that was Ecostyler?!
-Karen's Body Beautiful Hair Milk
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Are you referring to the Raw Shea Butter Deep Treatment Masque??? If so, I've been using it as a twist out creme and wondered why my curls have been so limp lately and the ends not so great. Is it the avocado oil in it that makes it a protein?

I give
BC Oct 08
Protein Sensitive
Poo: SheaMoisture Retention Shampoo
Co-wash: SheaMoisture Raw Shea Condish
DT: Qhemet AOHC
Stylers: Qhemet Honey Bush Gel or SheaMoisture Deep Masque Treatment