So, what did people think of the finale? Now that I've read the first eight volumes of the comic, I can't help but feel a little disappointed with the direction the show has taken. I thought the premiere was amazing - it had this creepy, haunting vibe to it and did a good job of taking plots and characters from the comic and fleshing them out. I don't want them to strictly adhere to the comic, but I think the show has veered a bit too far off course. I hated the whole CDC plot. And I was really hoping the first season would end the way the first volume of the comic ended since it was such a pivotal, shocking moment and would have made for a great cliffhanger (see spoiler below).

Spoiler alert: In the comic, Rick and Shane have a fight over whether to leave their camp following the zombie attack from a couple of episodes ago. Rick follows Shane into the woods to work things out, and Shane has a complete meltdown - which really has to do with the fact that he's in love with RIck's wife and feels that Rick's return has screwed everything up. When Shane pulls a gun on an unarmed Rick, Carl (Rick's son) shoots and kills Shane to save his dad. I've heard Frank Darabont, the creator of the show, say that he doesn't have plans to kill Shane anytime soon, so who knows where they're going with this plot. End spoiler.

Anyway, I'm still enjoying the show and have high hopes for Season 2, but I hope they can somehow recapture the magic of the first episode.