there's no thread expiration date as far I see it.

If you're so wigged out by vintage threads then unsub.

simple as that.

truth be told, some ppl just want to be snotty and hateful. not cool.
Originally Posted by PrincessPresto

This is the same thing as someone saying, "If you don't like how people act on the forum, then leave." But that's rude and snotty, right?

Everyone can act how they want to IMHO. I don't care if people bring up old threads, cuss each other out, sing "If all the raindrops were lemon drops and gumdrops..." whatever. It's not my house, and it's not my site. Shrug.
Originally Posted by ellepixie
I fail to see how suggesting that irate ppl simply unsub from 'stale' threads is the same as suggesting that they get gone from the entire forum but whatevz. rock on.
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