unfortunately sweetie,
people hate old thread resurrection and you posted vids by someone who half this forum takes some issue with so that was a automatic non-welcoming approach. This forum is actually very friendly(mostly) and its a great place to learn and share. Hope you stick around...
Originally Posted by mzmillion

You know when you have an epic argument/ discussion with someone that happened a long time ago and people talked sh*t about it and started rumors and sh*t? Then someone that don't know you that well comes to you, not knowing that yall moved past the beef, and tried to tell you about yourself and how wrong you were. That's kind of what happened here
Originally Posted by CocoT

That's not exactly what happened. I'm new to this forum, so I really didn't know anything about any "beef" that may have happened here. All I was trying to do was help, I just want everyone to be able to understand that.
Originally Posted by Pkz120
The beef I was referring to was completely hypothetical. There's no beef here, at least I don't think so. Sorry about the confusion. I was just saying that that was what I thought when I saw your post.
Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds

-Albert Einstein
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