Okay, basically, it all boils down to this. I am VERY new to this site. All I saw was someone using an ingredient that I did the research on and found that it didn't seem very good for our hair. It was all out of help, not trying to start controversy. I didn't even know anyone had an issue with the person I put up for the youtube link...I was just trying to help, that's it!
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Like I said, I truly do apologize. Thank you for coming back and explaining (and so we know you are real). No one has an issue with who you put up, it was more the "alarming" way you presented it. But I understand, you're new, we're on the internet. There are misunderstandings. My points about baking soda still stand though - hold on let me find the other thread where we talked about it...

Here it is! http://www.naturallycurly.com/curlta...in-rocked.html

Same thing as putting anything on your hair, just be sure of the effects and don't overdo it. Even supplements are bad if you OD on them, ya know? Anyway, hope that helps.
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You know what, I was looking at your little icon and was like "man her hair looks familiar!" Then I realized you're the girl I subscribed to on youtube!!! I love your hair lol! But yeah girl, I really appreciate you taking the time to really understand where I was coming and from, and not only that, but sharing some useful info with me! 'Preciate it!
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*Dies from laughter* Aw thanks, and yea, I can be a smarta$$ but when it's not warranted I will apologize. Oh...just so you know too...people often think people are trolls when they don't have any avatar picture. So even if you don't want to post one of yourself, it may be a good idea to just throw a sunset or a rainbow or some hair up in there or something.
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