What are your favorite clothes to keep you toasty in cold weather? Do you prefer down, fur, faux fur, shearling (I know that's a type of fur). Do you wear something over your face? One thick sweater or many thin? Fleece? Type of hat? Earmuffs or do you think they are too childish?

I noticed in the general section some curlies were from Moscow and Germany and they were having very cold weather and snow. I wonder what works best for them.
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Stockholm, Sweden, in the midst of yet another snowstorm and 19 degrees farenheit (-7 celsius).

I wear wool coats, my warmest is long, below my butt.
Sort of like this:

My favorite:

I also only wear wool kneehighs under jeans or leggings.

My hats are either a faux fur ugly thing that is extremely warm:
or a woolhat (with a satin lining of course).

On my feet I wear Timberland suede ankle boots with lined with shearling or some EXTREMELY expensive kee high boots that are so warm beause of the shearling lining (from the soles to the knees).

But I do my upmost not to go out when it's cold.
Thank God for Stockholms subway system!