i have a heavy-duty fun fur coat that i bought the first year i lived in Ottawa, so it's 14 years old! considering it cost me $300 back then, it's more than paid for itself. i have had to replace the lining in it and bought the heavy-duty kasha lining which is flannel-backed satin, and i put a layer of quilted fleece down the back.

it's a long and heavy coat and i am getting tired of it, so i am making a new one this week out of deep brown boiled wool (that i got on sale for $9 metre - it's usually $30 a metre!). for the lining, i got kasha in bright turquoise and micro-fleece (thinner than the usual stuff) to inter-line the body. all the fabric to make the coat (using Vogue pattern 8549, view B with the collar) cost me less than $75.

i plan to make the jacket-length of that pattern, too, out of some dark brown wool that has a squiggle-pattern felted into it out of single strands of wool in burgundy, coral and lime green. it was on clearance for $7 a metre down from $45 last winter and i got coral lining for it.

i have to use really simple patterns that go together quickly these days because the De Quervain's syndrome is flaring up something awful lately.
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