When it comes to footwear, I don't care about fashion as much as I care about being safe and cute. So I wear Bogs boots covered in flowers when it snows. When it's just cold I ear my regular shoes or these (unfortunately not this color)

Regardless, I'm wearing Smart Wool socks or knee high socks. If it's really icy, I wear YakTraks on my shoes. Maybe it's overkill, but I would be so pissed off at myself if I fell on ice and broke some bones or died or something. Also, warm feet help so much.

If it's in the singles, I wear silk long underwear on my lower half and then usually jeans or some kind of lined dressier pant. If it's warmer than 10, I just wear pants and knee high socks or tights. I rarely wore skirts and dresses in winters past, but I may try it out now that my lifestyle is more conducive.

Upper body is usually some kind of tshirt, some sort of overshirt like a sweater or whatever, and then a coat. I try to pick cute wool coats that are warm. I will not wear a puffer coat, sorry.

I wear mittens when temps are in the singles. Otherwise I wear wook gloves, my satin bonnett, and a cute hat. I wish I could find cuter hats that fit my big hair.

I wear as much color as possible in winter because it can get so dreary and depressing in the Northeastern US.

"In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer."

4a, mbl, low porosity, normal thickness, fine hair.

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