i dffuse everyday practically and never had damaged hair.. i just cant stand going out with a wet head and with cali being very cold in the mornings it isnt good , i use the med heat on low..i also do the pixie method ..moving the diffuser around and flipping my hair from side to side kinda like how Jess does in her video..plus i do get trims to keep split ends at bay also. using jessicurls stylers has also helped my curls plus cant forget re:coil.
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*gasp* I just realized you're in Fremont!!! *sniffle* My childhood home! Oh, those good ol' days at Forest Park Elementary...I loved it so...

Anyway, hi tinicurlyd! I'm in Cali too, though not Fremont anymore, and man is it cold in the mornings now! Nowhere near what other places get, but it was below freezing this morning (I'm in SD). Walking to school was not fun.

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