Thanks for all of your posts in this thread. I enjoyed reading them, and agree with much of what you said (the parts I'm knowledgeable enough to have an opinion on anyway ). I don't think you painted all Americans with a broad brush. From reading your posts, though, I can see areas where I have been negligent and/or willfully ignorant - I have the luxury of not thinking about things at the same level you've done.

I am stupid when it comes to politics, foreign policy/government, and many other civics related issues. Those are not things I have ever had an interest in and obviously are not priorities for me, so it's not an insult to me to tell me that - it's a fact. I totally get what you're saying about you having the right to feel anger toward people like me who blindly vote without knowing the full impact of our decisions. Regardless of if everything you wrote here is accurate, the point is valid.

I can't say that I will make a concerted effort from this point forward to actively work against things I disagree with or even think about this much in the near future (which is really horrible, but keeping it real). However, I am definitely more aware of how my lack of action, and my lack of effort to gain more information, rightfully contributes to perceptions such as yours AND the very real atrocities we as Americans (who benefit from what our elected officials do in our names) perpetuate on others' soils. I can also see others' viewpoints who've posted to you, but just speaking for me, I appreciate every single post and don't have a problem with anything you wrote.

Thanks so much!
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WOW. If more folks had the open, fertile mind you just displayed, this whole world would change for the better.