I don't think Halle hates her natural hair. After all, I think it might be a trait that helps her feel more attuned to her African American heritage since she didn't really know that side of her family. And yes I am aware that most Americans see her as predominantly black instead of parts black and Anglo. But from interviews she has done, that is my impression. I believe her natural hair is similar to the picture you posted with the tight curls, 3c/4a, tightly curly, but not necessarily kinky.

I loved Halle with the long curly hair. I think she was her prettiest with that look before Nahla was born. I think I'm the only one, at least on NC, who never thought Halle was a great beauty or looked great with the pixie cut. However, since she has become a mother, she has become quite a beauty and looks great with the pixie cut. I know that she has said that she prefers short hair because it is easier for her.

And her hair before she was famous looks the same as it does now, except she seems to use better products. The only thing different is her nose. It looks like she had a nose job done. Her nose isn't so wide and the bottom is slightly different than before. It's not drastic; I think that is why most people don't notice it.
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