I stumbled into this thread, and I was wondering what happened to Chiselle. I LOVED her hair!

But on a second note, I'm gettin' tired of YouTube...period. Folks are too psycho, with this natural hair thing. They've lost their minds..those with videos and their "fans". People act like they're "gods", above reproach/criticism/questioning, etc. It's too much.

I love natural hair, but I love MY OWN the most....better than all the rest (hair). "Love" is used very lightly, and with limits, because it is JUST hair. If I choose to cut my hair, then it's gone. It's done. I don't consult anybody.

The whole "stealing videos" is part of the whole obsession....the worship of mere mortals. But if you put your stuff up, know that many don't care about taking it, with or without your permission. That's how it goes. So, proceed with caution, or leave it alone.

I may occasionally engage and socialize and...dish. But if You Tube was no more, I wouldn't miss a beat.
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Girl if there were no YouTube my husband would have to stop begging me to watch those stupid viral videos (i.e. Antoine Dodson's Christmas video)! lol!

Sadly there is a penalty for fame, even if you are just posting helpful information. People can be PSYCHO. I never got to see her vids, but kudos to Chiselle for doing her thing.

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