the only way i can stop the puffiness is to dry my hair straight from soaking wet.

i use BioSilk Silk Strate and a BIG round ceramic brush with my ceramic ion dryer. it takes some practice - take small sections, start at the back at the bottom, and make sure each section is completely dry before you move on to the next one (this is the most important point). when the section is dry, flip the dryer setting to cool to lock in the straightness.

and use a good flexible hold hair spray.

doing it this way, i can make my hair stay straight until i wash it again.
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rouquinne's method is almost exactly what I used to do when I straightened (I haven't since about early September). My hair is also fine, BTW. I think the main difference between rouquinne's method and mine is that, rather than dry the sections 100%, I dried them NEARLY to that point and then went over my entire head one section at a time with the larger barrel on this:

That's the method I used for YEARS (not kidding - years) and it worked EVERY time. BUT... the curling brush will give your hair a flip at the bottom rather than being 100% straight. So, if you don't like any flip, this won't be the answer for you.

Oh - and, believe it or not, I didn't use ANY styling products when I straightened. As long as my hair was well moisturized, I didn't need any. All they (styling products) did was either make it feel gross or make it GET frizzy... definitely NOT what I was after.
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