Wow, that sounds really cool, but where do you get the recipes from? Do they "sell" them to you too, or do you just experiment? Cause for example, I wouldn't want my product to get rotten after a few days
Yeah, I live in a really small village, so I might check out the online store thing
German Curlie
2c/3a/3b, fine-medium, high porosity

Still figuring out what my hair wants! :P
Loved yarn braids!!!

Mod-CG due to my fine hair and lots of time in a chlorinated pool.

No silicones!
Recently using:
Washing: Schauma Push-Up Volumen Shampoo, Hercut Shampoo for curls
Conditioning: Garnier Fructis Volume, Garnier Arganoil Conditioner
Styling: Loreal FX Gel, Nivea Flexible Curls Mousse

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