My hair is pretty much baby fine. It's really soft and I can get it to look okay when I wear it curly, but I'd like to option of straightening it every now and then... the problem is, whenever I straighten my hair, it gets so frizzy and puffy. My hair's healthy and everything, but it's so fine that it just won't stay down. I have a good straightener, I've tried a bunch of products... but nothing works.

Anyone else with fine hair have this problem? I am out of ideas. I'm tempted just to cut my hair short and get a full head of extensions at this point.
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I have fine hair as well. My hair straightens fine. I use the i.chi chrome collection flat iron. It's basically a chi but it was like a holiday edition. I just use a infusium 23 as a leave-in. Then I spray chi 44 iron guard. Section my hair and then flat iron. Once I'm done, if I see any frizzies I just apply a little of the chi silk infusion. Then I spray a little (underneath my hair) aussie volume moose. I also tease it a little.

The only problem that I have with my hair is that it won't hold a curl with a curling iron. But my hair is already naturally curly, so who cares.
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