Danae, as the not-so-proud owner of super baby fine 4a hair, I can tell you that nothing will lock out 90% humidity. Our hair is so susceptible to any level of humidity, it's not even funny. And, my hair wouldn't hold a curl either once I did get it straight. Baby fine hair is the most difficult to deal with. I BKT now, and I no longer have problems with humidity, but I don't wear my hair straight. But, it is super easy to straighten now, and it stays straight--too straight, in fact--irrespective of humidity. But, it's so soft that it won't hold a curl from a curling iron at all. Good thing I wear my hair curly--it's about a 2b curl pattern now. I only wear my hair straight in the waiting period right after a BKT application, and it stays straight no matter the humidity.

Even spraying hairspray on baby fine curly hair makes it frizz. Trust me, I've tried it all.
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I actually bought an at-home BKT awhile back... maybe I should give it a try...?

Seeing everybody's answers, I'll have to give blow drying another try, maybe I've just been doing it wrong.

Thanks for all the answers! I'm getting my hair cut tomorrow, hopefully things go allright.