1. What kind of guy are you trying to "get"?
a. a superficial fling so you can look and feel cool
b. a meaningful relationship

2. If your answer is "a":
By all means blow fry your hair if that's what gets you the attention. Just know that it doesn't mean anything and try to be prepared in case it ever rains. Because, God forbid we let someone else see how we really are.

3. If your answer is "b":
Do your hair how you want to. Do it for yourself. Take care of it. If a guy is attracted to who you really are, it's worth a whole lot more. Think about it. If some guy is drooling over a photoshopped picture of a girl in a magazine, does it really mean anything? No. That girl doesn't even exist.

Are you really wanting someone to talk to you because of your hair?