yeeps... a week ago i went to the salon for a trim. i'd gone there before and had my hair done with a lady who'd gone to an Ouidad workshop, and my hair came out great! but this time, however, my stylist was a lady who had 3a hair like mine and flatironed it every day. So, after a Devacurl (at least!) wash, she ran a palmful of SuperSkinny serum through my hair. and then blow-dried my hair while running very little gel through my hair, separating all my curls into poofy little strands. and then used ANOTHER silicone pomade after it was dry!
needless to say, i was not happy with the way i looked when i came out of there.

CG has taught me that my hair is indeed lovely... both wet AND dry!
Shampoo: Body Blends Naturals Bamboo-Green Tea Sulfate Free
Conditioner: Suave Naturals Coconut
LIC's: Aussie Hair Insurance and VO5 Kiwi-Lime conditioner
Gel: Satinique Extra-Design Styling Gel and Paul Mitchell Round Trip
Randoms: Weekly Sesame Oil, DevaCurl Mist-er Right