My canopy is just not happy. I've got stringy, frizzy not well-formed hair there.

Any suggestions?

I'm doing weekly DTs and trying to make sure it's hydrated.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!!
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Man, my canopy has been exactly the same! I bet it happened the moment the weather went from 70 to 30 here in New York last week, right?
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Yup. My hair's never been the same since that last cut. Usually it only takes a week or two to get back to normal. The weather is yucky. I really dislike winter.

The Whipped Pudding seems to help a little - my hair feels softer with it.

Hockeymom - I don't think it's overconditioning. It's not that puffy frizzy, it's the dry frizzy. And it's in the spot where my hair is more of a 3c than a 3b.

I'd like to find a nice curl cream, but the good ones seem to be fairly expensive.
3b (I think!)
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