I'm currently reading the Anita Blake Vampire Hunter Series. I'm on book #11 of 19 and I'm still enjoying them...they're great! :-)
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This is my all time FAVORITE series!!!! I've read all 19 books (twice) and both novellas. I'm waiting on book 20 to hit the stores this fall. The author has another series, Merry Gentry that is awesome as well. There is ZERO overlap with the two series (which I love) and the focuse is on the Fae. I was just reading the author's blog and she mentioned that she might be starting a third series!

Oh check out L A Bank's Vampire Huntress Legends series too. The series is complete with all 12 books out (the last should be in paperback by now). Think Anita Blake but with mostly black or other ethnic minorities.
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