Ok....shout outs to all the people that recommended Justin Cronin's "The Passage".
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I loved that book! This week it's all about paranormal romance marathon. I'm reading through Shelly Laurenston's shapeshifter books. Her stuff is funny, hot, and her heroines are all tough gals! I first discovered her in her G.A. Aiken pseudonym - 4 dragon shifter historical paranormals, also really funny and fun. Didn't think I would like her other books (not much of a shapeshifter fan), but I love them.
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Please tell me there is going to be a sequal?!?!? He can't just leave it hanging like this. I literally could not put this book down.

The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher. Starts with Storm Front and book 12 Changes just came out this month. If you saw the very very short lived tv series (12 eps) on Sci Fi in 2007 you got the gist but missed a LOT. Butcher usually puts the first couple of chapters on his website about a month before each is published:
I'm not really into his Codex Alera books but they ended in Nov after book 6.
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I am also a serious Butcher/Dresden fan girl. His books are great reads. Never saw the series. He has a short story anthology currently out - Small Favors -- and the next Dresden book is due out in April I think.

Another series I love and am panting after the next and last in the series is the "Fever" books by Karen Marie Moning. Darkfever, BloodFever, FaeFever, DreamFever and the upcoming one, ShadowFever. This is an incredibly good series, some of the best paranormal/romance/action/mystery I have read. Moning also writes some other stuff but it tends to blend together in my head. This series is an original, with a seriously hot, magical bad boy, Jericho Barrons and Mackayla Lane, a heroine who gets stronger through each book.

I just finished JR Ward's Lover Mine and was underwhelmed. WTF is happening to that series anyway? I loved the earlier books but getting through this one and the previous was a slog and a half. And I think Xhex had a brain transplant or something, she is so different!
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Love the Dresden Files and I just started JR Ward's series. Oddly enough, the only romance stuff I'll read is paranormal romance. Everything else just makes me roll my eyes profusely. Seems like we have similar taste SBB so I'm going to have to check out Karen Marie Moning's series too now.
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