I REALLY like this line. It does make my hair feel...strange, but it feels "protected". It's weird. It's probably because of the glycerin (which I normally avoid in the winter) in the Hydrating Spritz. I love the way the products smell, too. I can smell the organic apple juice, in the Kinky Coils Pudding.

My hair texture is prone to frizzing. I go with the flow. No biggie. The pudding manages frizz better than any product I've ever tried. My twists look "neater" and tighter. I don't understand HOW it does it, but it does. The Avocado Coconut Milk Butter is GREAT for sealing the ends. It's thick, rich and "waxy", which is PERFECT for my hair, in the winter time.

I have the puree (extra strength), which I'll use for two-strand twists, when I retwist.

Again, my hair does feel "odd", as someone else mentioned. But when I come in from the cold, my hair feels soft and conditioned...I usually wear a hat, when it's super cold, but my ends still peek out from underneath the hat.
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