It wasn't that Katniss didn't grow, is that she seemed to go backwards. She had all this character and strength in the first book, and most of the second, but the third she turned into this useless, moaning, pathetic person I just wanted to slap her and say get your backside in gear and do something for christ sake.

She was all woe is me and it really got on my t*ts after like, 5 pages. And it got worse and worse throughout the book!

Peeta I really liked, and he had an interesting, complex story in the third book, (though how long did it take them to go rescue them!) but it felt glossed over and too easily resolved (Katniss just wandered off and forgot about him) and I felt it would have been so much more interesting if the author had focused on that and their relationship recovering, and have Katniss fighting for him.

The other guy (supposedly a love triangle but it never really went anywhere) turned into this nasty, horrible person. I actually liked the twist that his device got Prim killed and thought that was a very interesting concept, where do you draw the line in war and wanted katniss to form an opinion and stand up and fight for it, but (again) she just seemed to wander around aimlessly and let the people around her do what they liked to her and everyone else. But his character was completely butchered and it could have been done so much more subtly. In the end he just disappears, there's not even a goodbye between them.

I like that she chose Petra, but it didn't seem likely after everything she had done/thought in the book. I didn't sense that she actually liked him that much. The end few pages were definitely a cop out I felt.

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