I was called poodle, frizzy, all the generic comments but I think the worst was someone stuck a sticker on my back that said "I have nappy hair" I am a pale white girl so that does not apply nor would I ever say anyone else has nappy hair because I think it's mean. I also heard cracks about how much hairspray, etc I used. No one seemed to grasp that at the time it was the only way I knew to keep it under control. I tried to straighten for awhile but that was just too much work and if it rained or the wind blew too hard, forget it. I spent pretty much all my school years in a ponytail or bun. Sometimes I wish the people that made those comments could see my now but then I think their opinions probably haven't changed much, too small minded.
Hair Type: mix of 3's, growing out an angled bob, color-treated red.
Current products: GVP conditioning balm for co-wash and leave in, Curl Junkie Curls in a Bottle, Pattern Pusha and Garnier Anti-humidity hairspray
Location:Sunny Florida
Hair idol: Kimberly Schlapman from Little Big Town