Well, I'm homeschooled so I don't really hang out with many guys. But at my church, there's this 18 year old who flirts with me (only when he DOESN'T have a girlfriend), no matter how often I tell him I don't date. :P And I'm 15, so it's like, HELLO! Age difference!When I had straight hair, I wore jeans and shirts that were a little tight. He flirted with me a lot, and left me alone when he had a GF.Now that I'm wearing my hair curly, I'm also wearing loose, knee-length skirts, stockings (or pantyhose), a baggy T-shirt (Cookie monster and Johnny Cash are favorites), and one of my flower headbands, SoI think he's finally getting the "Weird" vibe that I'm constantly throwing out to everyone around me, cause even since he and his GF broke up, he's been leaving me alone.So I guess it isn't ONLY hair that gets guys to be interested. If you're more confident in your natural hair, I think the guys can kind of sense that. And if you're jusr plain weird (such as myself), they'll probably be less interested.